Intregrated Safety Solutions

SPARK provides the most reliable solution through infield integration of high-tech top league international F&G, Public Address & General Alarm, Metrological, Communication, and Surveillance Systems programmed for the safety of people operating under very challenging conditions.

SPARK Integrated Safety Software (SISS) instantly detects fatal gas leaks such as H2S and models toxic gas dispersion through environmental data received from the METEO system in the hazardous zone, activating automatic evacuation alarms and manual paging from any remote station, while monitoring the live status of the location.

SPARK’s F&G solutions hits the road with precise detailed design and engineering based on each industrial plant’s requirements, customers’ concerns, global engineering standards and best practices, safety level, environmental conditions, and the latest technology. SPARK’s F&G solutions vouch for safe, reliable, and optimized hazardous area operation where safety, communication, security, and 24/7 monitoring are achieved in an integrated smart solution, where F&G system meets with PAGA, CCTV, ESD, and DCS systems.