SPARK Industrial Group

Since 2003, SPARK Industrial Group has been designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions including turn-key delivery of complex communication network design and systems integration and modern high-tech communication solutions to the toughest communication challenges in maritime, energy, and heavy industries.

SPARK creates and delivers high-technological smart solutions for operations done under very challenging conditions- on the oceans, in the deep subsea, in harsh environments and in acute industries.


SPARK’s solutions and services are in the international top league. We have obtained this position from years of innovation, experience, hard work, and determination. Our precise designs are as elegant as Persian Carpets. Our solutions increase performance and optimize results in areas that are strategically important worldwide – the maritime industry, Oil and Gas sector, utility, and infrastructure.

At SPARK Co., we have learned not to give up on innovation even if it looks almost impossible to achieve. We have developed an organizational structure that gives us flexibility and quickness: decisive qualities to be able to operate in Telecommunication and Information Technology areas. We come together with our highly motivated and young R&D team to help leverage our capabilities through innovation, to extend our reach to new clients and territories, and to deliver reliable, integrated high-tech tailored solutions to the customers.

Spark Path

We take each further step as we look far far ahead.


We are working hard hand to hand to be known as a leader in manufacturing reliable industrial high-tech equipment and expand our market to all over the world by 2024. We target achieving the largest portion of domestic market share and successful major international projects.


As a leader in Safety, Security, Control, and Communication systems integration solutions, we have established our R&D department using our knowledge of the customers’ requirements to develop in-house tailor-made products and solutions. SPARK Industrial Group is dedicated to providing turn-key system integration solutions to the industry we keep progressing and optimizing our services and invest in in-house R&D backed by our team’s intelligence, our foreign partners, and by utilizing the latest technology, products, and best practices we are committed to fulfilling our clients’ unique requirements down to the smallest detail. We thrive on delivering quality products and services to satisfy our clients both technically and economically.

Our Team

SPARK is a family of young, talented, and highly motivated engineers and professionals. The strength of our team is each individual member and the strength of each member is our team. Individual commitment to a group effort – that’s what makes our company deliver quality solutions and services. As a family, our long-term goal is to create a healthy and motivating environment for the professional as well as personal development and education of our team. Our people are our greatest asset. We firmly believe that an engaged workforce is the foundation on which everything is built; it is an essential core value of the company. A happy and caring member of the team will naturally project these values when looking after our clients.

Our Team

System Integration Facility

The systems integration center is a customized facility located in a dedicated area of the building and comprises a number of designated areas for the various stages required by the integration process of storage, building, system testing, and the integration process itself.

This facility has been specifically customized to facilitate the end-to-end process of systems mechanical fabrication, build, and assemble through to final integration testing. The workshops are fully provisioned with all the tools, equipment, and skilled engineers and technicians necessary to complete all operations in-house, maintaining total control of both engineering and quality of all the processes involved in the completion of the project.

Health, Safety & Environmental (HSEQ) Policy

It is the company’s firm belief that every job undertaken can be planned, conducted, and completed in a healthy, safe, and environmentally acceptable manner.

In order to achieve these objectives the company is committed to providing sufficient personnel, training, and resources to meet the required company standards and local legislation as a minimum. All issues relating to HSE will be given equal importance to other activities undertaken by the company.

The company will provide support and encouragement to ensure that health, safety, and environmental measures implemented, reflect the level of commitment required to maintain and improve the company's performance in such matters as is reasonably practicable.

Company management and personnel shall ensure that all approved procedures including those of sub-contractors and 3rd parties are monitored and adhered to, the company shall ensure that operations are conducted in such a manner that they do not contravene the health or safety of employees, third parties, or the general public and that they do not unreasonably affect the environment.

Company personnel have an individual responsibility to conduct operations in a safe and environmentally accepted manner.

They will report any accident, incident, or near miss and shall assist management in assessing cause and effect to determine whether any realistic and practical improvements could be made to enhance the company's health, safety, and environmental standards and procedures

Company personnel shall assess the environmental impact of company-managed operations to determine the effectiveness of the company’s policies and procedures