Commiunication Solutions

SPARK has tailored the most reliable emergency communication solutions that will perform in any situation, any environment and under any condition partnering with high-quality equipment manufacturers.

Integrated Safety Solutions

SPARK Integrated Safety Software (SISS) instantly detects fatal gas leaks such as H2S and models toxic gas dispersion through environmental data received from METEO system in the hazardous zone, activating automatic evacuation alarms and manual paging from any remote station, while monitoring live status of the location.

Digital Security Solutions

SPARK's physical security information management system integrates CCTV, Intercom & IP-phones, Intrusion Systems, perimeter surveillance radar, fire detection, and BMS through data collection, analysis, verification, resolution, reporting and audit trail.

Smart Maritime Solutions

SPARK's smart energy solutions enable us to add a finishing touch to offshore production platforms, refineries, petrochemical plants, gas compressor stations, and pipelines. Smart Integration of communication, safety, security and control systems turns a complex to a living ecosystem.

Power Electronics Solutions

SPARK is a global designer and provider of power electronic and energy systems and solutions for all critical power supply needs. Our solutions include UPS & Converter, Batteries, Generators & Solar Panels, tailored according to the project specification.