Voice & Data Systems

SPARK Voice and Data communication systems, known as business telephone and Local/Wide Area Network retain as the main business and operation enabler in any commercial entity. Kish Spark offers Voice and Data Communication Systems as part of integrated telecommunication package throughout projects or as an individual requisition.

Safety Systems

SPARK Safety is the main focus of the energy and transportation industries and hence is set as one of the key areas of Kish Spark expertise. We are in partnership with some of the major European safety systems vendors for offering robust, reliable and accurate solutions.

Surveillance Systems

SPARK Security Systems play an important role where access to the site and data is of paramount of agenda for the operators and the facility owners. Kish Spark has well-established strategic partnership with major global security solution providers and has developed in-house expertise in order to address this need.

Navigation Systems

SPARK Navigation aid solutions for aeronautical and marine transportation are one of the key deliverables of Kish Spark to the energy industries for on and offshore fields.

Offshore & Maritime Smart Systems

SPARK Smart Maritime Solutions voucher for safe, reliable and optimized maritime transportation and offshore operations where safety, commiunication, security and 24/7 monitoring is achieved in an integrated smart solution. Our strength in integration is supported by our most reliable partners sailing the deepest oceans of technology.

Power and UPS Systems

SPARK Even in the darkest of times, we'll make sure the lights are on. Supplying from the world's leading power & UPS system manufactures, we do our very best to make sure that we sure that we cover all of our project's electrical needs.