Health, Safety & Environmental H.S.E.Q Policy It is the company's firm belief that every job undertaken can be planned, conducted and completed in a healthy, safe and environmentally acceptable manner.
In order to achieve these objectives the company is committed to providing sufficient personnel, training and resources to meet the required company standards and local legislation as a minimum. All issues relating to HSE will be given equal importance to other activities undertaken by the company.
The company will provide support and encouragement to ensure that health, safety and environmental measures implement, reflect the level of commitment required to maintain and improve the company's performance in such matters as is reasonably practicable.
Company management and personnel shall ensure that all approved procedures including those of sub-contractors and 3rd parties are monitored and adhered to, the company shall ensure that operations are conducted in such a manner that they do not contravene the health or safety of employees, third parties, or the general public and that they do not unreasonably effect the environment.
Company personnel have an individual responsibility to conduct operations in a safe and environmentally accepted manner.
They will report any accident, incident or near miss and shall assist management to assess cause and effect to determine whether any realistic and practical improvements could be made to enhance the company's health, safety and environmental standards and procedures.
Company personal shall assess the environmental impact of company managed operations to determine the effectiveness of the company’s policies and procedures.
Quality Policy Kish Spark as one of the leaders in supplying telecommunication services to petroleum industry is doing the best effort to increase the service quality and fulfill the client’s requirements and reach to the horizons of success.
In order to touch the planned aims and targets the following headlines are being considered in single element of our activities.

  • Quality is the major principal of our team and all the activities will be managed in order to achieve a higher quality of service.
  • Clients & Beneficiaries satisfaction guarantee our survival, progress and benefits and encourage us to offer qualified services so that we oblige ourselves to respect them at any time and by any single part of our company.
  • Continues progress is a vital point in our team and achieves by the improving and preventive actions.