Since 2003, SPARK Industrial Group designs and implements cutting-edge solutions including turn-key delivery of complex communication network design and systems integration and modern high-tech communication solutions to the toughest communication challenges in maritime, energy and heavy industries.
SPARK creates and delivers high-technological smart solutions for operations done under very challenging conditions- on the oceans, in the deep subsea, in harsh environments and in acute industries.
SPARK’s solutions and services are in the international top league. We have obtained this position from years of innovation, experience, hard work and determination. Our precise designs are as elegant as Persian Carpets. Our solutions increase performance and optimize results in areas that are strategically important worldwide – maritime industry, Oil and Gas sector, utility and infrastructure.
At SPARK Co., we have learned not to give up on innovation even if it looks almost impossible to achieve. We have developed an organizational structure that give us flexibility and quickness: decisive qualities to be able to operate in Telecommunication and Information Technology areas. We come together with our highly motivated and young R&D team to help leverage our capabilities through innovation, to extend our reach to new clients and territories, and to deliver reliable, integrated high-tech tailored solutions to the customers.